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14th Golden Torch Award for Tentamus Taiwan

Value “Innovation” and “Service Experiences”,

Tentamus Taiwan won the 14thGolden Torch Awards for the “Top 10 Innovative Designs” and “Top 10 Managers” of the year.


Tentamus Analytics Taiwan Co. Ltd. (hereinafter “Tentamus Taiwan”) has actively integrated international resources into localized services for years, which is recognized by “Outstanding Enterprise Managers Association (R.O.C.)” and won the 14thGolden Torch Awards for the “Top 10 Innovative Designs” and “Top 10 Managers” of the year.

The awarding ceremony was held at the head office of CPC Corporation, Taiwan on the 29thJune, 2018 and the former Vice President, Mr. Wu Dunyi, was the presenter at this year’s ceremony, who presented awards to each prizewinner. With the participation of more than 400 companies and over 100 nominees, Tentamus Taiwan is the only food testing and consulting company that is being awarded for the two prizes, which is undoubtedly the greatest honor.

Outstanding Enterprise Managers Association (R.O.C.) evaluates Taiwanese enterprises every two years. With the referral system from the industry, the professional committee members will select the best or most representative enterprises and their managers of the year. As an enterprise valuing innovation the most, Tentamus Taiwan makes unremitting efforts and dedications to enhance the competitiveness of its customers by using their capability of innovation.


The Vice President, Mr. Stanley Hung, states “We cannot merely count on test reports when it comes to food safety. In fact, we should come up with more advanced solutions that can be reach balance between quality management and production efficiency. Under the leadership of Mr. Alvin Wei, the General Manager of Tentamus Taiwan, we’ve set up a project innovation team and constantly communicated across departments to timely respond to the market changes. In the face of all kinds of unexpected challenges, we will never be obedient but try any possible solutions that have higher quality standards than the regulations; therefore, Tentamus Taiwan is favored by many leading manufacturing companies and retailers.” Mr. Hung further pointed “We differentiate ourselves from other competitors by identifying problems through professional testing and auditing services, and helping our clients to make improvements, which create a virtuous cycle for the society and spread positive mindset.”

In regard to social participation, Tentamus Taiwan also actively supports peasants and social enterprises, and holds the belief that appropriate resource allocation enables good and high-quality business to generate great value.



Being awarded for the “Top 10 Innovative Designs”, Mr. Alvin Wei, the General Manager of Tentamus Taiwan, stated heartfeltly, “This award represents not only the recognition of our past performance, but also greater expectation to the future, which makes us work harder to advance our techniques and take greater responsibilities . Moreover, only by constant innovation can we continue gaining trusts from our clients.” Mr. Wei further pointed, “As part of T.I.C (Testing, Inspection & Certification) industry, clients’ trust and professionalism are what we compete with other competitors. Tentamus Taiwan may not be the brand with the largest market share, but it will be the brand that offers the most innovative service solutions and increases competitiveness for our clients.”



Tentamus Taiwan believes that good things will happen when things are always done right. The more good things, the better the world will be. For the ten years, we always consider we can do more as a third-party inspection and certification organization. These two awards belong to our distinguished and hard-working employees; nevertheless, we won’t relax nor be proud when facing upcoming challenges. Tentamus Taiwan will continue providing the most professional and efficient solutions for our clients as we always do. 



About Tentamus Taiwan


As a laboratory and consulting service provider within Tentamus Group in the Greater China region, Tentamus Analytics Taiwan Co. Ltd. is specialized in the testing and inspection of agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals, medicals and cosmetics. With more than 10 years of experience in Taiwan, we are also a reliable partner offering auditing and consulting services.

The laboratories of Tentamus Taiwan has obtained the accreditation of ISO17025 from Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF), and is a dual-accredited lab in food, drug & cosmetic fields from Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA), which ensures the management and technology of our lab meeting international standards.

 The testing scope includes the fields of food, feed, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, Chinese herbals, pharmaceuticals, medical and agriculture. In addition, we are capable of developing customized testing items for our clients’ needs.

 Through precise analysis, Tentamus Analytics Taiwan Co. Ltd. controls food quality from raw materials, semi-finished products to end products, and monitors the risk of food safety for food manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

With highly-qualified professionals as well as integrated network of global laboratories, Tentamus Analytics Taiwan Co. Ltd. can make your products travel all around the world smoothly and safely.


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