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EU: New maximum levels for lead and cadmium in food

The European Union has defined new mandatory maximum levels for lead and cadmium in food. Both heavy metals pose a health risk for humans and have therefore been re-evaluated as part of the “Europe against Cancer” program.

Regulation (EC) 2021/1317 regulates the maximum levels for lead in various foods and is valid since Aug. 30, 2021. For example, maximum levels for wild mushrooms, spices and baby food have been added.

Regulation (EC) 1881/2006 regulates the maximum levels for cadmium in certain food products and is valid since August 31, 2021. Here, new maximum values for fruit, vegetables and cereals were regulated and existing ones were tightened. For example, the limit for rice was reduced from 0.20 mg/kg fresh weight to 0.15 mg/kg fresh weight.


Sensitive analysis of heavy metals at bilacon GmbH


The bilacon laboratory always works with the latest technology and offers you sensitive and fast analyses of lead and cadmium in food. For the analysis, first a microwave digestion is performed to break down the organic components and then it is analysed by ICP-MS (inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry).


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