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Analytical Services  

Key role in determining the quality of the active pharmaceutical product and drug product, is the validation of the Analytical procedure. …more

Bioanalytical Services

With advanced LC-MS/MS machines, a capacity of 40,000 samples/year and sensitivity below the ppb level, we provide our clients with full Bioanalytical support. …more

 Medical Cannabis 

The rapidly evolving Medical Cannabis arena combined with Israel’s supportive, but strict, regulatory environment, has led to an increasing need for highly professional analytical services … more

All Analytical and Bioanalytical Services Under One Roof

Analyst Research Laboratories is a GLP, GMP and GCLP accredited, US-FDA inspected Chemical Analytical Contract Laboratory.
We provide analytical services to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Device, Cosmetics, Chemical and Cannabis industries.
Our services comply with the strictest demands of regulatory authorities in the USA, Europe and Asia (FDA, EPA, ICH, USP and OECD).
With a staff of 30 employees occupying 1500 sqm of modern laboratories and offices in Ness Ziona, we uphold a policy of continuous investment in new technology and human resources.
With over 20 years of non-compromising quality and professionalism, we maintain a lab with the latest, fully-automated instruments, highly trained personnel and a strong, independent QA unit, all dedicated to ensure our clients receive on time, the highest quality service, aligned with the strictest regulatory requirements.

Our Clients

Our clients span the whole range of the Bio Industry: Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Device, Cosmetics, Chemical and Cannabis companies.

We provide our services to most of the country’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as to young companies, some of which are still at the early stages of development.

For these younger, mostly Start-Up companies, we serve as a Strategic Service Provider by consulting, guiding and leading them through the complicated world of analytical product development.


Latest news

Environmental impact of pharmaceutical residues

Pharmaceutical residues are not directly visible in the water, such as plastic bags or garbage, but can cause considerable damage to people and nature. The European Commission now wants to curb this and presented a new strategy on 12 March 2019.   The main objectives of the new strategy are:   Promoting a more careful use ... Continued

QTS Analytical in strong start to 2019

The laboratory team at QTS Analytical have been working hard amid increased demand for residues testing during the start of 2019. Offering a suite of pesticide screens to cover a variety of customer needs, QTS prides itself on quick turnaround without a compromise on the quality of results. The ISO17025 accredited laboratory is now offering ... Continued

Characterization and Analysis of Pheromones by Renolab GLP – A Tentamus Company

Pheromones are natural molecules used by living beings to communicate with other members of their species, and by humans to protect crops. Synthetic, carefully crafted pheromones are utilized to cause sexual confusion in parasites and protect plants from their attacks while preventing the release of extraneous chemicals into the environment. Their use increased gradually as ... Continued

Cold chain interruption may cause changes in food texture

Deep freezing is a careful process for preserving food. It stops the cell metabolism of the spoilage microorganisms. The industry uses different methods for this purpose – one is the so-called shock freezing at about -40 °C.  The water present in the food expands, but only very small ice crystals are formed. The cell walls ... Continued

Frozen convenience products to become healthier

Products such as frozen pizzas will contain less fat, salt and sugar in the future. This was agreed by the Federal Minister of Agriculture and the food industry. The ingredients will be reduced from 2019. By the end of the year, the industry associations are to work out a concept with the ministry. According to ... Continued

Possible heart rhythm problems due to fenspiride-containing medicinal products

The Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) recommends a Europe-wide suspension of fenspiride-containing medicinal products used in children and adults to relieve cough due to lung diseases. This recommendation is based on reports of patients with cardiac arrhythmias who have used the above medicines in the past, and tests have shown that the active substance fenspiride ... Continued

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